Barn House

Capacity: 5 


    • Two-story
    • One bedroom upstairs (King)
    • One bedroom downstairs (Queen)
    • One Twin bed (rollaway) in living room
    • 1-1/2 Baths
    • Wood-burning stove

Dad built The Barn in 1930 as the home for a team of Percheron draft horses which he borrowed from the lumber mill in Flagstaff. He could keep them as long as he fed them, and they ate a bale of hay a day! They provided the power to move the logs which became the Log House. The Barn has its own patio and grass area. Remodeled in 2014, upstairs is a bedroom (King bed) and half-bath. Downstairs: a bedroom with a Queen, full bath, the kitchen, and in the living area, one Twin (a rollaway) and wood-burning stove. 



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