Cloud House

Capacity: 6


    • Multi-level
    • Two bedrooms (King downstairs, King upstairs)
    • Loft with two Twins
    • Rock fireplace

Dad’s wrangle with the County Building Department over whether he needed to obey and take out a building permit left this house unfinished for 6 years. The Cloud House very much grew as it went: a bedroom here, a loft there, and a new rock patio after the record flood of 1993 removed the original one. This is our most popular house with a wonderful view of the canyon through clerestory windows. Upstairs: the kitchen, dining area, full bath, a bedroom (King bed), and a loft with 2 Twins with a small deck overlooking Oak Creek. Downstairs: a second bedroom (King bed), rock fireplace, living room and patio that overhangs Oak Creek




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