Forest Houses Resort Rates

2022 Rates

*Rates are per night, 1 or 2 people. Additional people: Children 6 and younger inclusive are free (although anyone over 2 years old counts towards the maximum number of people in a house). Extra people ages 7 and older inclusive are $30 each per night.

Prices do not include sales tax.
Pets have a nonrefundable fee of $30 per pet during your stay.

Barn House2-story, 1 bedroom upstairs (King), 1 bedroom downstairs (Queen),
1 Twin bed (rollaway) in the living room, 1½ baths. Wood-burning stove & Air Conditioning.
Bridge House1 bedroom (King), rock fireplace. Creekside.2$170
Chalet House1 bedroom (Queen), 1 Twin in the living room, rock fireplace & Air Conditioning.3 (no pets)$145
Cloud HouseMulti-level, 2 King bedrooms, loft (2 Twins), rock fireplace. Creekside.6$195
Cook House1 bedroom (Queen), 1 Queen Murphy bed in sitting area.
Free standing fireplace. Whirlpool tub.
Creek House2-story, 2 bedrooms (King, Queen, 1 Twin rollaway),
1½ baths, 2 rock fireplaces. Screened porch (2 Twins). Creekside.
5 (spring,  fall)
Diamond House1-story, 2 bedrooms (Queens), 2 baths. 1 Queen Murphy bed in living room.
1 Twin bed in living room loft (up ladder). Free-standing fireplace & Air Conditioning.
Oak House2-story, 2 bedrooms (King, 2 Twins), loft sitting room,
bathroom and bedrooms upstairs, ladder staircase, 2 rock fireplaces & Air Conditioning.
4 (no pets)$160
Overlook HouseStudio-style apartment (Queen bed), gas-log fireplace & Air Conditioning. Creekside.2 (no pets)$140
Mary’s House1-story, ADA approved, 2 bedrooms (King, Queen), gas-log fireplace & Air Conditioning.4 (no pets)$190
Rock HouseMulti-level, 2 bedrooms (Queens), rock fireplace. Creekside.4$175
Tree HouseStudio-style house built on stilts (Queen bed), free-standing fireplace & Air Conditioning.2$140
Trout House1 bedroom (King), Queen Murphy bed in living room, rock fireplace. Creekside.4$180
Studio House2-story, 3 bedrooms (King downstairs, King and 2 Twins upstairs), 2 baths, wood-burning stove.6$195
Sycamore HouseMulti-level, 5 bedrooms (2 Kings downstairs; 2 Queens, 2 Twins upper levels).
2 baths, 3 rock fireplaces. Creekside.
View House2-story, 2 bedrooms (Queen upstairs, Queen downstairs), rock fireplace & Air Conditioning.4$165

Rates are based on 1 or 2 people per house. Additional people past those first 2 people: children 6 and younger are free, and extra people ages 7 and older inclusive are $30 each per night. Please remember that anyone over 2 years old counts towards the maximum number of people allowed in the house.