To protect the forests during hot and dry weather conditions, Coconino National Forest will be fully closed beginning 6/23/21 and will remain closed until the area receives sufficient rainfall. This includes Slide Rock State Park, West Fork Trail, hiking trails, campgrounds, roadside pull-offs and day use areas in the canyon. This does NOT affect Forest Houses Resort as we are private property. We are open and welcoming guests! You are able to enjoy our lawn and grounds, swim in Oak Creek along our property, and experience quiet and relaxation. Highway 89A and roads to us will remain open, as well as restaurants, stores, Sedona and Flagstaff.
Thank you for helping to protect our forests and keeping Oak Creek Canyon beautiful.

Forest Houses Resort Rates

2021 Rates
* Rates are per night, 1 or 2 people. Additional people: Children 6 and younger inclusive are free (although anyone over 2 years old counts towards the maximum number of people in a house). Extra people ages 7 and older inclusive are $25 each per night. Prices do not include sales tax. Pets have a nonrefundable fee of $25 per pet during your stay.
House Amenities Capacity Rate
Barn House 2-story, 1 bedroom upstairs (King), 1 bedroom downstairs (Queen), 1 Twin bed (rollaway) in living room, 1½ baths. Wood-burning stove. 5 $155
Bridge House 1 bedroom (King), rock fireplace. Creekside. 2 $150
Chalet House 1 bedroom (Queen), 1 Twin in living room, rock fireplace. 3 (no pets) $130
Cloud House Multi-level, 2 King bedrooms, loft (2 Twins), rock fireplace. Creekside. 6 $170
Cook House 1 bedroom (Queen), 1 Queen Murphy bed in sitting area.
Free standing fireplace. Whirlpool tub.
4 $150
Creek House 2-story, 2 bedrooms (King, Queen, 1 Twin rollaway), 1½ baths, 2 rock fireplaces. Screened porch (2 Twins). Creekside. 5 (spring,  fall) 7(summer) $165
Diamond House 1-story, 2 bedrooms (Queens), 2 baths. 1 Queen Murphy bed in living room. 1 Twin bed in living room loft (up ladder). Free-standing fireplace. 7 $160
Oak House 2-story, 2 bedrooms (King, 2 Twins), loft sitting room, bathroom and bedrooms upstairs, ladder staircase, 2 rock fireplaces. 4 (no pets) $150
Overlook House Studio-style apartment (Queen bed), gas-log fireplace. Creekside. 2 (no pets) $125
Mary’s House 1-story, ADA approved, 2 bedrooms (King, Queen), gas-log fireplace. 4 (no pets) $170
Rock House Multi-level, 2 bedrooms (Queens), rock fireplace. Creekside. 4 $160
Tree House Studio-style house built on stilts (Queen bed), free-standing fireplace. 2 $135
Trout House 1 bedroom (King), Queen Murphy bed in living room, rock fireplace. Creekside. 4 $160
Studio House 2-story, 3 bedrooms (King downstairs, King and 2 Twins upstairs), 2 baths, wood-burning stove. 6 $170
Sycamore House Multi-level, 5 bedrooms (2 Kings downstairs; 2 Queens, 2 Twins upper levels). 2 baths, 3 rock fireplaces. Creekside. 10 $175
View House 2-story, 2 bedrooms (Queen upstairs, Queen downstairs), rock fireplace. 4 $145
Rates are based on 1 or 2 people per house. Additional people past those first 2 people: children 6 and younger are free, and extra people ages 7 and older inclusive are $25 each per night. Please remember that anyone over 2 years old counts towards the maximum number of people allowed in the house.